Austine & Irma

08 January 2017

With a great deal of happiness and joy I and my wife are writing this email to express our heartfelt gratitude to you on your professional expertise , unending advices and unrelenting concern in the manner you handled our visa application .

We couldn’t have found a better way to thank you and your entire team (Opal consulting )enough for the way you handled our case .

Believe me delivering the good news to us on weekend was more like an icing on the cake because it really showed us how personal you took our application ; perhaps I’d say that you delivered beyond your job.

You have no clue about how much we appreciate your efforts towards making our dreams come true , not even the slightest clue ! These past sixteen months was full of so much pain, depression , suspense and emotional distress in the sense that we lost our baby in the course of our visa processing.

However , you stood by us even when it seemed like all hope were lost while waiting for this visa with your assuring words of advices and understanding . Without mincing words , we are saying a very big “THANK YOU” to you and the whole team of opal consulting once more and as long as we are concerned you will always get our recommendation from friends , families and other relatives.

My wife and I are very happy to be reunited again as we have prayed , hoped and dreamt for over the past few years . I will be flying to Sydney on Thursday and will be looking forward to meeting you in person .

Sagarika Biswas

31 December 2016

Opal consulting is a team of outcome focussed migration consultant. They are well heeled in the migration rules, able to judge the complexity of each case and guide with the right approach and advice.

I am happy at the way Biwek and his team have come through. They did a great job at preparing the documentation, Identifying additional requirements and ensuring that the case is presented in a full proof manner with all necessary paperwork in one go.

After launching they were prompt with the follow up queries from me even if to set realistic expectations on time frames.

As a customer that is the time you need your consultant as you don’t know what is happening with your case and also you know that since you have paid the fees in full the consultant is no longer bound to you in terms of dues.

This where Biwek was at his best which is why really I recommend him.


Sagarika Biswas


Kala Kaushal And Kashvi

10 November 2016

After wasting already a huge amount of time and money with so called migrant agent without enough knowledge professionals ideas and lots of negligence, we almost at the end of bridge.

However as per my friend recommendation I contact Biwek Dai, that day which I now say “turning point ” of my life. His strong confidence voice really impress me where i had seen some hope at the same day.

He makes our visa grant success within very limited time frame by devoting his precious time, impressive professional ideas, suggestions only and only for me.It was really a complicated case which we had already lost a hope but he did it. The day, which we are expecting a positive decision , big smile and long breath was only success because of Biwek Dai, one of the genius person I would say.

I cannot express through words,his support mainly encouraging nature, caring and responsibility to client including even the family member. Being away from Sydney we never feel we are at a distance, very responsive to phone.

I have no hegitation on recommending Biwek Dai, one of the best consultant I have ever met. Big thanks to Biwek Dai again.

Also big thanks to Wilson Dai.

Warm Regards

Kala Kaushal And Kashvi

Promish Rijal

21 September 2016

First of all, I would like to thank you and Opal Consulting team for their constant help and support throughout my application period.

Finally, I got my Permanent Residence Visa under 189 Skilled Migration Category on the 20th of September 2016.

The thought of living permanently in Australia suddenly came into my mind and while browsing the internet I found Opal Consulting.I contacted them and since then, with the guidance of Mr Biwek Thapa & Mr. Wilson Sharma the path of obtaining a PR has been smooth as a butter.

I really appreciate the professionalism, effort & dedication of Mr. Wilson Sharma while handling my case. I also thank Mr. Biwek Thapa whose supervision & guidance was equally vital for my application.

I grade the services offered by Opal Consulting as A1 and would highly recommend Opal Consulting to anyone who is planning to immigrate/ study to Australia.

Best Regards

Promish Rijal