Reduction of Certain Student Visa Assessment Levels

Reductions in Student visa assessment levels for 29 countries for certain Student visa subclasses was announced by the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship on 15 February 2012. These reductions will take effect on 24 March 2012.

These changes will lower the minimum evidentiary requirements needed for the grant of a Student visa for certain countries and education sectors.

The following is a list of countries and Student visa subclasses affected by the assessment level decreases which will take effect on 24 March 2012.

Country of CitizenshipEducation SectorUpdated Assessment Levels
Belize Subclass 572 – VET AL2
Bhutan Subclass 574 – Post Grad Research AL1
Botswana Subclass 571 – Schools AL1
Botswana Subclass 575 – Non–Award AL1
Bulgaria Subclass 570 – ELICOS AL1
Bulgaria Subclass 572 – VET AL1
Bulgaria Subclass 573 – Higher Ed AL1
Bulgaria Subclass 575 – Non–Award AL1
China, Peoples Republic of Subclass 574 – Post Grad Research AL1
Ecuador Subclass 574 – Post Grad Research AL1
Egypt Subclass 574 – Post Grad Research AL1
India Subclass 574 – Post Grad Research AL1
Indonesia Subclass 571 – Schools AL1
Indonesia Subclass 574 – Post Grad Research AL1
Jordan Subclass 571 – Schools AL2
Kazakhstan Subclass 574 – Post Grad Research AL1
Kazakhstan Subclass 575 – Non–Award AL2
Korea, South Subclass 570 – ELICOS AL1
Korea, South Subclass 572 – VET AL1
Latvia Subclass 572 – VET AL1
Lebanon Subclass 571 – Schools AL2
Lebanon Subclass 574 – Post Grad Research AL1
Lebanon Subclass 575 – Non–Award AL3
Maldives Subclass 570 – ELICOS AL2
Maldives Subclass 571 – Schools AL1
Maldives Subclass 573 – Higher Ed AL1
Mauritius Subclass 571 – Schools AL1
Mexico Subclass 572 – VET AL1
Montenegro, Republic of Subclass 570 – ELICOS AL2
Montenegro, Republic of Subclass 572 – VET AL2
Montenegro, Republic of Subclass 573 – Higher Ed AL2
Montenegro, Republic of Subclass 575 – Non–Award AL2
Namibia Subclass 573 – Higher Ed AL2
Nepal Subclass 574 – Post Grad Research AL1
Nicaragua Subclass 570 – ELICOS AL2
Nicaragua Subclass 571 – Schools AL2
Nicaragua Subclass 572 – VET AL2
Nicaragua Subclass 575 – Non–Award AL2
Philippines Subclass 571 – Schools AL1
Reunion Subclass 572 – VET AL1
Reunion Subclass 573 – Higher Ed AL1
Seychelles Subclass 571 – Schools AL1
Seychelles Subclass 572 – VET AL1
Seychelles Subclass 575 – Non–Award AL1
Suriname Subclass 573 – Higher Ed AL2
Suriname Subclass 575 – Non–Award AL2
Tanzania Subclass 571 – Schools AL2
Tanzania Subclass 574 – Post Grad Research AL1
Turkey Subclass 571 – Schools AL2
Turkey Subclass 572 – VET AL2
Ukraine Subclass 570 – ELICOS AL2
Ukraine Subclass 571 – Schools AL2
Ukraine Subclass 573 – Higher Ed AL2
Ukraine Subclass 574 – Post Grad Research AL1
Ukraine Subclass 575 – Non–Award AL2
Venezuela Subclass 572 – VET AL1


Frequently asked Questions

Q: I am an international student studying in Australia. Do these changes affect me?

A: These changes will only affect new Student visa applications made on or after 24 March 2012.

Q: What does a reduction of assessment levels mean to Student visa applicants?

A: Students affected by the changes will be required to provide less documentary evidence to support their claims for the grant of a Student visa. These may include evidence of English language proficiency, financial capacity and academic qualifications.

Q: Where can I find out more information about assessment levels?

A: Further information on assessment levels including a full list of current assessment levels is available on the department's website.

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